Regional Environment Agency of Haute-Normandie

The Arehn is a French environment agency founded in December 1996 under the will of the Regional Council of Haute-Normandie and based in Rouen (France).

The main goals and objectives of the agency are :

  • The improvement of the awareness of environmental issues among the region’s population.
  • To develop good Eco-habits.
  • To receive and to help: the association officials, the elected representatives, the technicians, the company managers, the teachers and the citizens.

  • One of the main objectives of the Agency: making people aware of environmental stakes.

    In order to create this awareness, the agency :
  • Has its own and large documentation centre.
  • Provides many means to inform people such as individual’s advices, leaflets, seminars, exhibitions, multimedia products...
  • Has created a Regional Environmental Dashboard.

  • The agency tries also to be close to the local communities, the companies and associations every time that they need an answer to their inquiry. As far as environment is concerned the agency acts as a link between these different actors. The Arehn’s activity is clearly focused on “sustainable development”, as it was defined during the Earth Summit of Rio in 1992.

    The Online and publishing activities of the Agency are various :

  • The publishing of documents and articles about eco tips, environmental problems, ecological projects...
  • To make available to the public, the schools, the companies and administrations borrowable and downloadable exhibitions focused on thematic subjects such as water, eco-habits, biodiversity, energy saving...
  • The publication of leaflets, books and CD-ROMs.
  • The management of a documentation centre, which provides many documents linked to environment and nature (environment, sustainable development; energy; climate change, transport; pollution; urban planning; ecological housing; education to the environment; the nature; the nature conservation; the professions, the trainings and the jobs in environment; ecology; geology; fauna; flora; etc.).

  • The documentation centre is open to the citizens, the families, the teachers, and also the young people which are looking for training.
    It also provides the other Arehn works: the digital and tangible publications, the exhibitions, and the Regional Environmental Dashboard.
  • To provide Online tools such as :
  •      - A list of schools, which are involved in a sustainable development program.
         - Photography’s library.
         - A collection of past sustainable development projects.
         - The trainings available in Haute-Normandie.
         - Environmental teaching tools.
         - The Regional Environmental Dashboard.
         - The reviews of seminars and symposiums.
         - The dates of the exhibitions, trainings and activities in the region.
  • The writing of newsletters.

  • Here are some of the concrete actions of the Agency :

    Sustainable Development Practices Days :
    In 2009, from the 10th to the 13th October, the Arehn has taken part in the fifth Sustainable Development Practices Days. A great environment show, where 25 regional actors of the sustainable development were involved. Symposiums and thematic working group sessions have been organized. Plays, mini-conferences and children activities were also organized.
    The event aimed to stimulate the visitors’ interest for sustainable development process and to make the citizens aware of the global warming.
    Through conferences, stands, plays and meetings with experts and elected representatives, the show broached several subjects such as home improvement, transport, consumption...

    Involvement in the EEGS project :
    Energy Education Governance Schools
    The Arehn takes part in the running and in the coordination of the project.
    It also participates in the management meetings and contributes to the implementation of the project.
     The project pamphlet: The EGS project “starts from the need to involve local communities in tackling energy issues and improving energy efficiency. The main actor contributing to involve a whole community and at the same time training the younger generations is school, and more specifically high-schools.

    Involvement of the agency in the local Agenda 21:

    The agency help the local communities to set up a local Agenda 21. The Arehn puts the local governments in touch with consulting firms that can help them in their projects. The Agency also helps all along the process the smallest territorial communities.
    Local Agenda 21 is the action plan for a suqstainable development of a municipality, set up by local government together with the local stakeholders and citizens. The mandate for setting up a Local Agenda 21 was given to local governments worldwide at the UN conference on the Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.


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